A Keurig Machine For Wine Exists—And It's Glorious

A Keurig-like dispenser for wine may be coming to your home. Clear counter space wherever you can.

10 Vins D Vine Machine

photography by 10-VINS

Do you need this? No.

But do you need this? Yes. Yes, you do.

The French wine-centric tech startup 10-Vins is angling to do for proper, perfect vino what all those pod-sporting coffee machines claim to do for your morning cup. As Mashable reports, the company has developed the D-Vine machine (get it?), a rather handsome countertop appliance will not only aerate your wine in moments—a highly desirable feature for hosting or just a night in—but to bring it to the ideal temperature as determined by experts.

Chilling whites in seconds and balancing the temperature of reds in even less, the machine uses a cooled system to do its work and relies of 100ml tube-like flacon of vino, much as Keurigs rely on those little, ground-filled pods.

Now, there are some limitations here: It’s not quite in the U.S. market yet, you have to order your wine from 10-Vins exclusively French catalog (no Australian or Californian varietals here), and, yep, the price makes it more than a novelty purchase. Is it fun, though? Is it the kind of future we wish for our wines? Just look at the video below and you’ll have your positive answer en français.

Published on December 06, 2016 - 4:00am EST

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