Cynthia Rowley Designed the Best Removable Wallpaper Collection

Good luck picking a pattern.

Photography by CYNTHIA ROWLEY

Cynthia Rowley wants you to love your walls. Rowley, who launched a line of furniture in 2015, recently expanded her home interiors design range to include rugs and wallpaper, partnering with Tempaper to create the just-in Cynthia Rowley Removable Wallpaper Collection. “People may love wallpaper but find it challenging,” says Rowley. “This paper makes wallpaper easy. It’s very DIY and can change your whole perspective.”

Sold by the double roll for $125, the Cynthia Rowley Removable Wallpaper Collection is printed on an innovative adhesive fabric that sticks to most surfaces (Tempaper recommends you apply it to surfaces that have been painted with a satin or semi-gloss finish for best results) but it is removable simply by firmly peeling the paper up or down.

 Cynthia Rowley Partners With Tempaper For Removable Wallpaper Collection
Photography by Tempaper

After dropping out of the public consciousness for years, wallpaper has had a recent resurgence, and it’s now an important element in home design. “There is something swanky and retro about wallpaper,” says Rowley.

Known for her prints, Rowley welcomed the opportunity to bring patterns of all sizes and a sense of visual excitement to wallpaper. “It’s easier to be bold in your home. And with this easy-to-change wallpaper, you can take risks,” says Rowley. “Do a bathroom in one print, and do something completely different in the hallway or just one wall.”

 Inside Cynthia Rowley's Removable Wallpaper Collection
Photography by CYNTHIA ROWLEY

Iconic Rowley is evident in “Wild Flowers” where a subtle gold or stark black background (your choice) illuminates boldly colored flowers, and tiny tigers leap effortlessly between these pops of color. “Lost Horizon” is Rowley’s take on ombré—it seamlessly transitions from gold to pink to ivory. “Glammo” perfectly captures the pretty-meets-sporty design aesthetic the Cynthia Rowley brand is known for: A soft pink interspersed with mustard yellow and olive it is tough yet soft.

 New Cynthia Rowley Wallpaper Collection
Photography by Tempaper

Rowley likes designing for interiors, noting that more people are now working from home and need to be inspired, and at the same time there is more freedom than ever in design. “It used to be that people invested in something because it was practical and lasted forever,” she says. Now, a combination of high and low priced pieces makes more sense. “Splurge on a great sofa,” Rowley recommends. Then, “freshen up the room with a new rug, pillows, and wallpaper. Having that foundation of great pieces gives you freedom to style a room in different ways.” A room’s walls are, quite literally, a blank canvas. “Think about layers or a collage effect,” instructs Rowley.

 Cynthia Rowley Announces New Wallpaper Collection
Photography by CYNTHIA ROWLEY

In addition to the wallpaper, Rowley’s new rugs will also be available next month. Framed in stripes, the “Rosebud Rug” has a single rose in the center, right where a coffee table might be. And Rowley hopes the unique design will push you to change your thinking about the expected living room set up of a couch, two chairs, and a coffee table. “Maybe the rug will inspire new ideas and perspectives,” Rowley says. “I hope it inspires people to look at decorating their home in a different way.”

Beginning June 5, 2017, the new wallpaper collection will be available for purchase online at Made in the USA, all wallpapers from Tempaper, including the Cynthia Rowley Removable Wallpaper Collection, are lead-free, phthalate-free, and VOC-free, and the adhesive and inks used are non-toxic, water-based, and environmentally safe.

The Cynthia Rowley Rug Collection is launching in early June. Visit or for more details.

Published on May 16, 2017 - 5:00am EDT

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