Emily Burmeister
Emily is a recently turned 30 mom to three young kids. On her blog Our house now a home she shares the story of her home, the quest to make it function. Meshing the needs of her young family with the need for a home for adults too. Blending low cost, upcycle and crafts with large home renovations is what helps her turn her house into a home.

How would you describe your personal style?

I live in a small town in Wisconsin now but grew up in southern California. I was a sun, sand and surf kind of girl. My style reflects that. My home has a coastal feel with a country twist. My husband likes the rustic look so I try to blend that as well. I adore bold colors and patterns. All while making my home work for my three young kids and their play, storage and functional needs.


What makes a home beautiful?

I think the people in the home are what make it beautiful. Having it reflect them, with personal touches, pictures, family heirlooms, kids artwork. A home is as personal a space as you can get. Having your home reflect you and your family is what makes it beautiful. The memories made, moments had are the things that will stay with you. Not the home decor, let that home decor tell the story of your life in the place you live. Also lots of light in the home, pillows and throw blankets. Because that just makes the space feel extra cozy!


On what items do you splurge?

Big furniture items, sofa's, beds, arm chairs, and rugs. Those things are the "big ticket" items that if you want quality you have to spend on them. I like to mix up that with thrift store finds, rummage sale purchases and other low cost pieces. If you have the bones of good quality stuff you can fill in with accessories, art work, and small furniture pieces. Mixing the splurge items with low cost and creative pieces helps make your house feel unique and perfectly you.