Use These Colors in Your Bedroom, and Fall Asleep Faster

These stylish and soothing rooms were designed for sweet dreams.

Gray and Pink Bedroom
Photography by DEREK SWALWELL

Did you know that the color you paint your bedroom can impact how fast you fall asleep and the quality of your zzz’s? Grays, blues, and other muted tones can promote sleep, whereas fiery reds and oranges can actually inhibit it. But the importance of choosing the right colors extends well beyond your walls—to your furniture and decor, too. Need some inspo to turn your bedroom into a relaxing retreat? Keep scrolling for 10 soothing spaces, designed to lull you to sleep.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: white out
Photography by HOLLY MARDER

White Out
One way to make any room feel larger and simultaneously more serene? Light hues and lots of texture. White washed walls and floors coupled with throw pillows in gray tones, create a laid back sleeping chambre.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: boho dream

Boho Dream
Deep blue—reminiscent of the night sky—rules the walls in this Williamsburg boho oasis, while the ivory bedspread and lamp shades add softness. The macrame wall hang lends a free spirited feel. 

White Bedroom
Photography by TESSA NEUSTADT

Minimal furniture and decor create an open, relaxing atmosphere. Clutter-free means stress-free, making this the perfect place to chill out after a long day.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: pops of pink

Pops of Pink
This dreamy room, designed by Nicole Rosenberg, is a prime example of how gray doesn’t have to be drab. Rosy hues and ‘70s-inspired details, like copper pendant lamps and faux fur, add a cozy, luxe feel.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: go gold
Photography by STYLE YOUR SENSES

Go Gold
A coat of sky blue paint and a subtle patterned rug anchor the room’s serene vibe. Plush textures and gold details prove that relaxing can also be posh.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: city escape
Photography by ERIC PIASECKI

City Escape
Immaculately decorated by Thom Filicia, this contemporary bedroom—replete with a plush suede platform bed, navy and white bedding, warm flaxen walls and just a hint of natural greenery—feels more like a calming retreat than a city view apartment.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: modern take
Photography by HOMEPOLISH

Modern Take
This contemporary layout demonstrates that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for functional design. Floating bookshelves, crisp linens, and a gallery wall create a space worthy of spending some time—more specifically your snoozing hours.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: clean and green

Clean and Green
A seafoam and moss green striped wallcovering, medium-toned wood, and neutral bedding give this room an earthy yet refined feel. In this case, less is definitely more. The lack of electronics and distractions will encourage you to curl up with a good book before hitting the hay.

 Bedroom Color Tricks For Falling Asleep Faster: mix and match textures

Lights Out
This two-tone palette imparts a soft, warm feel. Mix-and-match textures make this bed seem intimate and inviting, while floor to ceiling drapes block out any light and guarantee complete privacy.

Published on March 19, 2017 - 5:00am EDT

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