These Are The Colors You’ll Be Loving In 2018

A new forecast predicts the shades we’ll all be decorating with next year.

 Sherwin-Williams 2018 Trendy Colors

Sick of millennial pink? Not quite feeling decorating with yellow? We’ve got good news: the future of color is here, and it’s quite the mixed bag.  

Sherwin-Williams just released its 2018 color predictions in the form of three distinctive palettes. Each has 12 shades, creating a grand total of 36 colors to choose from, according to your personal style.  

The palettes tie together a group of colors based off of various cultural observations. By incorporating themes of politics, technology, and travel (to name a few), Sherwin-Williams’ color predictions propagate the idea that color is deeply symbolic and can be reflective of our changing social consciousness.  

The first palette is a blend of muted shades that would lend a calming feel to any space. Sincerity is a response to today’s complicated definition of authenticity, specifically our simultaneous praise of both the “unfiltered” and “artfully processed” (looking at you, #wokeuplikethis selfies).

 Sherwin-Williams 2018 Trendy Colors - Sincerity

“Sincerity is about mindful living and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge,” writes Sue Wadden, Sherwin-Williams’ director of color marketing and head of the color forecast team. “Soft, washed neutrals, greens and sanctuary pinks work together to create harmony.”

Influenced by minimalism, hygge, normcore, and even Instagram —yes, the palette does include millennial pink— Sincerity is a return to the simple with soft hues ranging from cool greys to warm pinks.  

Next up, Affinity has distinct political influences. Created with things like transculturalism, community, and artisanal crafts in mind, Affinity acknowledges the reshaping of community boundaries born out of the changing state of nationalism and globalism. It incorporates bold, punchy colors like a vibrant teal and dramatic borscht color to reflect a culture of “everyday nomadism”.

 Sherwin-Williams 2018 Trendy Colors - Affinity

“We’re remapping our sense of community; landlocked cities are becoming global hubs of crafts and gastronomy,” says Wadden of the palette’s inspiration. “Home and car sharing, as well as e-learning, have created a culture of everyday nomadism and the wanderlust-obsessed.” 

Finally, the third palette celebrates technology as it relates to modernity and youth culture. Aptly named Connectivity, this palette is a blend of tech-inspired hues including “digital greens” and “high-def yellow."

 Sherwin-Williams 2018 Trendy Colors - Connectivity

“In Silicon Valley, Austin, Berlin and Beijing, techies are the new hippies, full of breakthrough ideas and utopian ideals. A generation is waving the flag of color freedom, and Instagramming every moment,” writes Wadden.  

This “color freedom” is manifested in a palette that is both vibrant and muted, with colors ranging from bright yellows and purples to softer off-white and lilac hues. Mix and match the shades in your next decor project for a look that’s decidedly 21st century.  

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Published on June 15, 2017 - 12:36pm EDT

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