Try This DIY Before You Throw Away Old Napkins

This easy dip-dye DIY will take your tabletop game up a notch.

Photography by Annette Vartanian

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I feel like dip dye has been having a moment forever, and I’m not ready to say bye to it yet. I had this idea because a couple of my white napkins were starting to look “not so fresh” even though I’ve only used them a handful of time. I decided to give them new life with some dye and add a little bit of flair, which makes it a perfect project for spring and summer.

Photography by Annette Vartanian

What You’ll Need:

Photography by Annette Vartanian

How to:

1. Pre-wash your fabric to prep it for dyeing and allow to dry.
2. Follow the dye instructions to create a dye bath in your bowl or bucket.
3. Lay your napkin flat over the edge of the bowl with about one inch inserted into the dye bath. Use a binder clip to secure it in place
4. Allow the fabric to sit at least one hour. I left mine for 1 hour and got about 4 inches of the fabric dyed. 

Photography by Bethany Nauert

5. Remove from the bath and wash the napkins in warm, then cold, water until the water runs clear.
6. Wash, dry, and iron.

Photography by Annette Vartanian

7. Select your trim option, and using needle and thread, sew on the underside of the napkin. 

Photography by Annette Vartanian
Photography by Annette Vartanian
Photography by Annette Vartanian
Published on March 31, 2018 - 5:15am EDT

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