14 Rooms That Will Inspire You to Try a Round Rug

Decorating with a circular rug is easier—and more versatile—than you think.

White Bedroom
Photography by CULTIVER

We know round rugs can be somewhat intimidating, but we’re here to show you just how versatile and easy it is to use one in your favorite room. In fact, in certain areas—like a small living space or under a round dining table—they can be an even better choice than their four-cornered counterparts. Here, we’ll show you the best places in the home to use a round rug and the decorating advice that makes this unconventional accent a real standout.

Blue and Yellow Entryway
Photography by NANCY NEIL

A round rug helps open up the floorplan in a small living room since it directs the eye away from the walls to create the illusion of more space. In this charming spot, the rug keeps the focus inward but still visually complements the distanced seating areas. Eye-catching blues and whites complete the scene. 

Photography by ETSY

Round rugs make a grand entrance in a spacious foyer—especially in attention-grabbing colors or patterns that immediately set the design tone for your home. Place it centered underneath a hanging light fixture for a balanced look that exudes elegance.

Green and Taupe Kitchen
Photography by PRUE RUSCOE

For the tight square kitchen in need of an update, swap out a basic rug for a circular landing spot with a little more pop. The curved shape takes up a chunk of the floorplan—so your toes will stay toasty—without overwhelming the small area.

Photography by CDNFRESHHOME

Who wouldn't want to sink their toes into this plush area rug? The circular shape contrasts the sharp edges of the rest of the room's furnishings to make it feel extra cozy.

Photography by CONCEPT GLASS

The spotlight is clear in this office: the desk takes center stage. In this space, the rug subliminally directs you to the desk, which isn't a bad way to encourage you to get right to work.

Taupe and White Dining room

Mimic the lines of a circular dining table with a round rug to bring balance to the room, which a rectangular rug wouldn’t be able to do. Make sure that the rug is large enough so all the chairs not only fit on it when they're tucked under the table, but also stay on the rug when they're pulled out and in use.

Gray and Taupe Living room
Photography by DULUX

In a room filled with lots of right angles, a round landing pad has a softening effect on the space. What better way to section off your reading nook from the rest of the living room than with a lovely area rug? It enhances the coziness of a spot where you go to unwind with a good book.

Photography by ROND VLOERKLEED

In a minimally designed room, a circular landing spot is an unexpected way to bring in texture and interest to prevent the space from coming off too bare or cold.

Brown and Taupe Bedroom
Photography by SARA & RICH COMBS

Set the scene for a well-curated vignette with a delicate round rug that draws the eye to the artful display. There’s no easier way to create a fun, cheerful feeling in a room than with layered round rugs. Try complementary colors in different textures for an eclectic mix that perfectly captures the mood of a playful nursery or playroom. The look is more stylish than wall-to-wall carpeting but still provides a large soft-spot that’s needed for playing with toys. Layering like this will also help protect the carpet from heavy foot traffic so it stays in good shape longer.

 circular area rugs
Photography by SWEET CRIBS

A circle rug creates a visual boundary around a lovely little collection of plants near a sun-filled window. Plus, it's a great way to protect your floors without compromising style.

 circular area rugs
Photography by A BEAUTIFUL MESS

The breakfast nook gets a pop of personality with a vibrant area rug that’ll make you never want to skip the morning meal again. An intricate pattern instantly give this spot more dimension.


Think outside the box in a studio apartment by replacing your rectangular rug—which only exaggerates the closed-in feeling—with a round one that provides a sense of openness. 

 circular area rugs
Photography by JASON BUSCH

This funky dining space is definitely not for squares. Nix the conventional rectangular or square rug in an eclectic space for something that better suits the offbeat vibe.

Published on March 19, 2017 - 5:00am EDT

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