642 Tiny Things to Write About

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    The next installment in the bestselling series presents 642 writing prompts in an irresistible new format. Delightful and thought-provoking, this book is perfect for stumped writers, journalers, or any creative type needing a tiny flash of inspiration.

    - Probably the most exciting aspect of this journal for me is that it's jump-started my long-dormant creativity. (a. Thompson 'yellow_apple30')
    - It's great to have a workout for your brain once you've left college. (steaphanie)
    - There are so many funny, interesting and strange prompts that can get your mind going. Exercise those fingers and brain cells and write something great! :) (nero ‘neroki')
    - This book is fabulous for just about anyone looking to disrupt and refresh their perspective thinking regarding the world. This book, unlike many books out there claiming to boost your creative juices, lives up to its reputation. (tara)
    - I call it my writing work out. (debra)
    - Nothing like keeping the brain active. (Charles Edward biddison)

    - Bought this and '642 Things to Draw' to use as guestbooks in our house. When friends come over we're going to have them draw/write on a random page and sign/date it. (sarah)
    - I bought two copies of this book… one for me and one for my boyfriend. From time to time we answer the same prompts and compare writing styles and responses. It's a good way to get to know things about each other that might not come up in everyday conversation and it can definitely get you writing. (briserious)
    - My girlfriends and I Have created a group. We are called the '642 Club'. We meet every week and go over our writings. (jp)
    - I bought two of these books for my cousin and I to do writing projects together. We each take turns picking topics and sharing our creations. (angel)
    - So I got this because I wanted to have something that me an d my bf could do in our spare time together when we're just hanging out at home or sipping wine watching tv and any other of those casual times that you just want to be lazy….I feel like that could be really fun to do with two or three people and put together something really funny (jacinda)
    - Wonderful purchase that has brought myself and my writing inclined friends countless hours of enjoyment. (legofan)
    - I was introduced to this book by a friend. I bought a copy for my girlfriend who currently lives 3700 miles away. We take turns, she writes a few, and mails it to me, I write a few and mail it back. It is a creative way to keep in touch. I love reading what she writes, and getting to see how her brain works. (tyler gibbenhuck)

    - Some can be accomplished completely in minutes while others could inspire pages and pages of writing. (kiratsukai)
    - Just keep it in your travel bag, and it always has an interesting topic to inspire you to write! (susan andrusyshyn)
    - I like to use it during my lunches when I could use a distraction from work. (nichole)
    - I bought this as a Nothing-To-Do book because I'm starting middle school in 3 weeks, and I get pretty bored between classes and at lunch.(amya Benjamin)

    - Bought this for a friend who is a budding writer. (n. panc)
    - I got this for my 15 year old daughter for xmas. (amy lundell)
    - When I saw this on the shelf I literally grabbed every single one. There were only four but I would have bought more if there had been more! I kept one for myself, gave the other three to my good friends. (anonymous)
    - I love it, I'm going to buy 2 more as Christmas gifts for my best friends, who will also love this book. (summer smeester)
    - Was a give to my teen daughter and she is very pleased, because gives her a lot of new ideas. (leafshadow)
    - I got the book for my wife for Xmas. She is in love with writing and poetry and has already written dozens for entries. (joe a. clark)

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