Christmas Tree Alternatives for Small Spaces

Big ideas for tiny spaces!

christmas tree alternatives ideas for small spaces copper pipes

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Holiday decor shouldn't suffer the consequences of a small space. If you find yourself in a tiny apartment or home this holiday season, craving a Christmas tree while lacking square footage, we can help. Read on for Christmas tree alternatives we created to solve your space (and style) problems this holiday season!

Produced & Styling by Anna Kocharian
Photography by Michael Wiltbank 


An effortlessly stylish scene with no shortage of color and statement-worthy elements.


  • 5 copper pipes (in decreasing lengths)
  • string lights
  • copper nails
Measure out the length of each copper pipe and mark the wall with the corresponding length, save for 1 inch from both sides. Once the nails have been hammered into the wall, place the copper pipes in order, emulating the shape of an actual tree. String a simple garland of dainty tree lights for the finishing touch.

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

A budget-friendly take that gives items from around the home a fresh and seasonal use!

small vases (glasses work as well)
assorted greens

Pair the vases with small posies of winter greens such as pine or eucalyptus. Use vases varied in height to create the illusion of a faux tree, when set against a wall. 

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Whether you're using an actual assortment of presents, or simply wrapping up an empty box set, think of this playful take as a clever approach to displaying your gifts!
wrapping paper
boxes, assorted in size

Wrap the boxes, alternating in color and prints, for an eclectic finish. Stack the boxes to form a triangle display!

christmas tree alternatives ideas for small spaces lined pine

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

A whimsically charming setup that's almost just as good as the real thing.  


  • Two strands of pine garland
  • nails or pushpins
  • mini ornaments
Measure out the pine garland and cut out strands of decreasing lengths. Tack the strands onto the wall from the bottom up, and top with ornaments of your choice.

christmas tree alternatives ideas for small spaces birch branch

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

For the minimalist in search of a rustic touch, this Scandi-inspired scene is just the one.


  • 3 tall birch branches
  • hemp twine or thin rope
Configure the branches into a triangle and fasten each corner with the twine or rope. Hang on an existing wall hook or simply prop against an empty wall.

christmas tree alternatives ideas for small spaces vased pines

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Pair an accent-worthy vase with fresh pines and dainty lights for a truly spirited scene.


  • One large floor vase
  • Fresh pine branches
  • Tree lights
Arrange the pines in the vase and wrap the lights within the branches.

christmas tree alternatives ideas for small spaces hanging herbs

photography by MICHAEL WILTBANK

Tree decor that doubles as a fragrance? Now that’s a win. This motley of herbs was just what your space was missing.


  • hemp twine
  • rosemary, thyme, sage (feel free to use any sort of fragrant green!)
  • branch (you can use sticks, poles, and even hooks!)
Measure and cut 21 pieces of twine, in varying lengths, and lay them out to emulate the shape of a tree. Split the herb bunches into 21 small clusters and fasten each one to a piece of twine. Fasten each cluster to the branch and hang the branch up on the wall.

Published on December 07, 2016 - 5:00am EST

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