Chelsea Handler’s Got a Thing for Home Decor

According to Instagram, anyway.

Photography by NETFLIX

Add Chelsea Handler to the list of celebs who could moonlight as interior designers: Our favorite funny lady took to Instagram to showcase some of her favorite pieces in her Los Angeles home over the weekend.

 Inside Chelsea Handler's Home Decor - reading nook

First up, this chic black armchair with a matching ottoman. According to her caption, Handler uses this seating area in her guest room to read and disconnect from her phone for a bit. Jury’s still out on what exactly makes up the TV host’s reading list, but we're sure she'd love these options for future afternoon reading.


 Inside Chelsea Handler's Home Decor - New Rug

Even the dogs live in style at chez Handler. This gorgeous blue-green rug is the newest addition for her dog Tammy’s room. “She’s into blue and green hues. It relaxes her,” writes the comic.

Given that Handler lives in a 5,572-square-foothome with six bedrooms, it’s perhaps no surprise that her dog has her own room.


 Inside Chelsea Handler's Home Decor - Bel Air Home

Located in LA’s Bel Air neighborhood, the modern contemporary-style house strategically positioned at the bottom of a hill marries privacy with luxury and is perfect for a celebrity hideaway. Featuring a stunning backyard that comes with a pool and a bright white kitchen that includes state-of-the-art appliances and a massive skylight, it’s easy to see why Handler shelled out $5,942,500 for the place.


Inside Chelsea Handler's Home Decor - library

This isn’t the first time Handler has given us a glimpse in to her home decor. She also recently posted this impressive library collection on her social media page, giving us major bookshelf envy.

With season two of her Netflix-hosted talk show Chelsea currently underway, we’re sure the comedienne has plenty to keep her busy right now, but here’s to hoping that she keeps us in the loop for all future decor updates. We’ll be waiting patiently for her next ‘gram.

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Published on May 30, 2017 - 12:05pm EDT

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