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 chatbooks photo printing individual snapshots on a table
Photography by CHATBOOKS

We love a finely curated Instagram feed, and often times, come across accounts with imagery so captivating, we can't help but think of how good it will look displayed in our homes. While there are plenty of photo printing services around, there are a select few that are changing the game. Enter Chatbooks, a digital photo book printing service which just launched a new function that will allow users to print individual photos, available in 'Print Pack' sets. For those of us who load up our phone's photo feed to its max capacity on a weekly basis (it's not just us, is it?), consider this a fix you can finally get behind on!

Here's how it works. With the Chatbooks Series Prints, any imagery posted on social media, or ones that are chosen from an album on your phone, will be automatically added to your Chatbooks queue. Once your queue reaches 24 photos, they will be printed individually, and shipped straight to you!

Psst! We love the idea of pairing a select number of the prints with a bowl or vase, for a chic coffee table display!

 chatbooks photo printing bedside vignette
Photography by CHATBOOKS

Alternatively, you may also opt for the Chatbooks Custom Print Packs, where you can select 24 photos from your phone, computer, or any form of social media, and the 5x5 photographs will be shipped right over. 
Gone are the days of precious moments forever lost in the abyss that is a phone's camera roll. Shutterbugs everywhere, rejoice!

Head on over to Chatbooks to learn more.

Published on October 07, 2016 - 5:00am EDT

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