The Chasing Paper x Rebecca Atwood Wallpaper Collab Is Here (And It’s Perfect!)

Get the scoop on the spring-inspired, whimsical collection!

The Chasing Paper x Rebecca Atwood Collab Is Here And It’s Springtime Wallpaper Perfection
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

For some, “spring cleaning” can be as basic as getting rid of a few old sweaters. For others, the term takes on a whole new meaning as we revamp and refresh our entire space, right down to the accent pieces.

Good news to those of us falling in the latter category: removable wallpaper company Chasing Paper has collaborated with Brooklyn-based designer Rebecca Atwood for a limited edition collection that’s sure to fuel your spring redecorating goals.

 Chasing Paper x Rebecca Atwood Limited Edition Collection
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

The spring collection features gorgeous watercolor patterns in four different prints —clouds, stripes, dots, and fleur— perfect for brightening up any room. Each unique print is simple yet sophisticated.

“Collaboration is so exciting, especially when it makes this much sense. Rebecca’s work translates so well into wallpaper, and Chasing Paper’s accessible format allows for this design element to be adopted by a larger audience,” says Chasing Paper Founder Elizabeth Rees.

 Chasing Paper x Rebecca Atwood Wallpaper Collaboration
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

These wallpapers offer all the quality of permanent fixtures without the commitment or hassle. Each wallpaper comes in Chasing Paper’s signature peel-and-stick design that’s easy to put up and remove. In other words, it’s basically the ideal situation for anyone looking to do a quick decor renovation without the commitment to a full-on makeover.

“I love the idea of removable wallpaper as it’s less of a commitment,” says designer Rebecca Atwood.“I wanted to create a collection for kids that was also sophisticated enough for adult spaces, too! This concept gave me a bit more freedom to play with more whimsical ideas like our Clouds pattern.”

 Chasing Paper Springtime Wallpaper Collab With Rebecca Atwood
Photography by LYDIA HUDGENS

The wallpaper comes in 2-foot by 4-foot panels, each sold for $40. The Chasing Paper x Rebecca Atwood Collection will be available online starting on February 22 through June 2017, exclusively at Chasing Paper.

Published on February 22, 2017 - 5:00am EST

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