The Watercolor-Inspired Temporary Wallpaper To Keep On Your Radar

Everything you need to know about Chasing Paper’s newest collaboration.

 Chasing Paper's Newest Temporary Wallpaper Collaboration Is Both Chic & Cheap
Photography by CHASING PAPER

Affordable removable wallpaper is a decor commitmentphobe’s dream, and Chasing Paper is launching a colorful new collection that's about to make dream a reality.

In partnership with paper goods company E. Frances Paper, Chasing Paper has created a watercolor-inspired line of temporary wallpaper that makes no-fuss decorating a breeze. The new collection, which features the removable wallpaper company’s signature peel-and-stick fabric, will officially launch on July 14th.


 Inside Chasing Paper's Newest (and Cheap!) Temporary Wallpaper Collection
Photography by CHASING PAPER

Available in three unique prints to suit a wide range of decor aesthetics, the collection includes both vivid and subtle options. “Spring Leaves,” available in a deep navy as well as a lighter green-and-white colorway, features a lily pad-inspired design that is a welcome respite from the ever-popular palm leaf pattern. A more neutral print called “Waves” comes in both gray and navy and will add just a hint of boldness to spice up a room. Finally, the playful “Vintage Cars” pattern is perfect for a child’s room.


 Everything You Need To Know About The Chic, Cheap Temporary Wallpaper Collaboration Launching Soon
Photography by CHASING PAPER

Each pattern is created with the signature delicate style E. Frances designs are known for. You can even find the "Waves" pattern translated into a card on the stationary company's site

"I was drawn to E. Frances because of the delicate and sophisticated quality their work carries," says Chasing Paper founder Elizabeth Rees. "It was so fun to create repeats out of the simple narratives of art they use for stationary and notebooks." 

The 2 ft. x 4 ft. panels will sell for $40 each on For anyone who’s been looking to make a quick decor update without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality, this is one collab to be on the lookout for.

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Published on June 30, 2017 - 6:20am EDT

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