This Designer Created a Bohemian Oasis in Joshua Tree

From the cacti to the colors, everything about this patio is perfect for the desert.

Tour a Bohemian Patio Located in the Desert
Photography by MARISA VITALE

When you live in a place as beautiful as Joshua Tree, it’s pretty much impossible not to be influenced by your surroundings. For artist and designer Lindsay Hollinger, this meant turning a patio, prime for stargazing and watching wildlife, from a blank slab to a bohemian oasis that’s almost an extension of the surrounding desert.

In the lead image: Dunn Edwards Evershield wall paint in DEW380 White; Dunn Edwards Floor-tex floor paint in DE6102 Hayride


 Before and After: Bohemian Outdoor Renovation
Photography by MARISA VITALE

“I wanted a lot of natural materials—the wood, the textiles, the rope swing—so that everything felt really seamlessly integrated,” says Hollinger, who recently completed a two month makeover on the outdoor space. “The warm mustard and peachy colors are all inspired by the landscape.”


 Before an After: A Patio Gets A Bohemian Update
Photography by MARISA VITALE

Having already renovated the interior of the 1200 square foot ranch home, Hollinger set about creating a patio that felt like both part of the natural landscape and part of the indoor space. Inspired by her sketches and, of course, Pinterest, she designed a space that somehow feels minimalist and modern, but also warm and artistic.


Bohemian Outdoor Decor Inspiration
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: Bay Isle Home Kennebunkport Teak and Wicker Basket Lounge Chairs, $639.99 each; Aspire Wooden Stool, $113.99; August Grove 5 Piece Temple Bells Chime Set, $136.99

The key to a transformation of this scope, according to Hollinger, is as simple as a fresh coat of paint. Instead of completely replacing the base of the patio and building anything elaborate, she painted the cement patio a pretty shade of peach.


Bohemian Porch Swing
Photography by MARISA VITALE
 Desert-Inspired Bohemian Decor
Photography by MARISA VITALE

“When the painter came we painted the whole house white—which is hilarious, because I always pretend I want color—and ended up loving it with the peach. A coat of paint really goes so far!” says Hollinger.


 Bohemian Decor Dining Table
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: West Elm Woven Brights Placemat in “Natural”, $14

Keeping things simple allowed for the focus to be entirely on the natural landscape, which Hollinger says was a top priority.

“You can see the milky way pretty much anywhere out here, so I really wanted a place to sit at night; I arranged that living room space so when you’re sitting out there at night you can turn the light off and stargaze,” she says. “I really love that sectional. It’s been installed for about two weeks and I have rosé and lay out there every night.”


 Bohemian-Inspired Outdoor Living Room
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: Rugnur Zahra Hand-Woven Cream Outdoor Area Rug, $69.99; Bellaterra Home Round Framed Wall Mirror, $215.99; Vintage Nursery large cement planters; Mariscal Cactus and Succulents plants

The sectional seating area is more an outdoor living room, complete with plush cushions and even a mirror, than it is a collection of patio furniture. This adds to the space’s warmth, making it a cozy spot to relax in the morning (there’s even a rug!) and take in the stars at night.  


Outdoor Seating Area Inspiration
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: Brayden Studio Valencia 5 Piece Sectional, $1,139.99; Alcott Hill Lakemoore Outdoor Throw Pillow, $45.99; Fresh American Trimaran Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow, $54.99; Target 2-Pack Solid Throw Pillows in “Sour Cream”, $20.99

Considering that Hollinger rents out the house part time via Airbnb, making sure the patio has a homey feel was definitely important. To accommodate guests who like sitting outside for their morning coffee, she added a dining nook for them to eat al fresco.


Chic Outdoor Dining Room
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: My Spirit Garden Eco-Concrete Hive Stool, $129.99; LB International Dining Table, $165.99; Safco Products CoGo Stacking Side Chair, $235.99; Bayou Breeze Jaida Area Rug, $264.16

“It feels like I’ve gained a whole new section of my house; I really use it as much as I use my indoor space,” says Hollinger. “It’s really changed my routine because I have coffee out there in the morning and just sit out there to relax at night.”


 DIY Outdoor Swing
Photography by MARISA VITALE

In this image: Experimental Vintage Vintage Swing Rug; Mudpuppy White Ceramic Moon Chimes, $85

One of her favorite parts of the new space? A DIY swing, custom built by a friend explicitly for her.

“I gave him a picture and my exact measurements so I could lay down on it. Now, it’s a happy medium between a swing and a hammock!” says Hollinger.


 Pink Bohemian Outdoor Decor
Photography by MARISA VITALE

Want to rent out the patio (and equally beautiful home) on Airbnb? Head to for more info and images. And be sure to check out Lindsay’s art at

Photography by Marisa Vitale.  


Published on August 29, 2017 - 12:00pm EDT

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