Beyoncé and Jay Z’s New Malibu Rental Is Fit for a Royal Family

Only the best for Queen Bey and her new twins.

 Beyonce And Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu Home la villa contenta
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

Attention, Beyhive: We might not know much about Beyoncé and Jay Z’s twins, but we do know where they’ll be living. And—spoiler!—it’s essentially California's version of Versailles. Which, when you consider that the 6.3-acre property is set to house America’s royal family, is actually pretty fitting.

La Villa Contenta, which listing agent Chris Cortazza’s website calls “one of the most significant residential compounds in the United States,” boasts 10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, and a 25-foot infinity pool. The entire estate is worth $54 million, but given that it comprises a “main villa,” expansive grounds, a pool pavilion, a greenhouse—one of the largest private greenhouses in California—a guest house, a separate guest suite, and staff quarters, it’s been broken up and people (or deities like the Carters) can rent the villa for the bargain price of $400,000 a month.

 Inside Beyonce And Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu Home - Entryway
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

Guests are greeted at the front door of the main villa by a 2,500-year-old sculpture of a lion’s head that was discovered at the base of Mount Vesuvius, and it only gets more opulent from there.

 Inside Beyonce And Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu Home - Kitchen
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

The home includes a dining room suited for 24 people, 18th-century chandeliers of amethyst and rock crystal, a “rustic” kitchen with 18th century reclaimed floors and a stone fireplace, a wine cellar, and a screening room. And that’s just the lower levels. Upstairs, the master suite features a fireplace and private terrace with views of the Pacific Ocean, and there are three additional bedrooms as well.


 Inside Beyonce And Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu Home - Roman-Inspired Natatorium
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

The property is owned by real estate mogul Richard Weintraub, who designed the Romanesque natatorium himself with a frieze, two onyx-paneled changing rooms, and a pool tiled in Murano glass.

Beyonce and Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu 25 ft. Infinity Pool
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

If that indoor pool isn’t enough, there’s also a wading pool, outdoor chlorine-free infinity pool, tennis court, and exquisite garden area that includes over 1,000 rose bushes.

 Inside Beyonce And Jay Z's Stunning New Malibu Home - The Gardens
Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

Beyoncé and Jay Z are reportedly renting the gated residence until the end of August, while they continue their search for a permanent home following their move from New York to California earlier this year.  

We can hardly think of a more fitting property for the First Family of music to stay in until they do find something of their own, and it turns out we’re not the only ones. La Villa Contenta is so stunning that it’s practically an A-lister in its own right: The home has been featured in HBO’s True Blood, as well as the films Funny People and I Love You Man.

Photography by CHRIS CORTAZZO

Want to scope out Bey’s new residence for yourself? Watch this six minute video tour of the property (and see many more photos here). Bizarre acting aside, it’s an extensive inside look at one of the most gorgeous estates we’ve ever seen.  

Source: Trulia

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Published on June 27, 2017 - 11:50am EDT

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