The Best Games to Bring On Your Summer Trip

Keep the good times rolling.

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photography by MARCUS NILSSON

Whether you're planning a family trip or just headed to the park with some friends, the best way to beat boredom? Games. Here are six favorites you should always have on hand.

1. The Gold Deck: Upgrade your poker night with this glitzy deck.
2. Backgammon: The classic travel game goes luxe, designed by a textile designer and hand-printed on FSC-certified Baltic birch. 
Curves Backgammon Set, Wolfum, $130
3. Monikers: A three-round, “say my name” guessing game with charades thrown in for good measure. 
4. Scopa: Not to be mistaken with a chic version of tarot cards, this Italian deck is the lazy gal’s answer to bocce ball.  
5. The Voting Game: Find the player who best describes a question card and really get to know one another. (Best enjoyed several drinks in…) 
6. Bananagrams: A speedy crossword-off for the whole fam. Extra points for fruit-tastic packaging. 

Published on July 15, 2017 - 6:30am EDT

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