These Are (Arguably) the Most Amazing Hotel Bathrooms

The most elegantly lavish spots, from around the world.


There's nothing quite like a bathroom with an impeccable design scheme. One that you could spend an entire day in, primping and idling to your heart's content. While most of us may not have the luxury of owning such a space, it certainly doesn't hurt to dream. Until then, we'll have to do with these spots ahead—which, for at least a night or three, we can pretend are ours. 

If taking baths while staring out into the deep blue sea sounds like your idea of a good time then this may be the one for you. Located on Felicite Island in the Seychelles, the Six Senses Zil Pasyon boasts one of the most remarkable views, with a minimalist yet utterly dreamy bathroom to match. 

Photography by COMO HOTELS

The Maldives are about as elusive of a vacation spot as it may get, and the COMO Maalifushi is no exception. The bathroom combines a slew of modern elements—by way of the whitewashed walls and elegant tub—with the lush tropics of the surround, resulting in a seamlessly integrated indoor/outdoor experience. If this is the closest we'd get to actually owning an outdoor bath, we would be perfectly content. 

Photography by COQUI COQUI

Among the many (many) reasons why we can't get enough of Coqui Coqui Merida, their impeccably-designed bathrooms would be at the top of the list. Bold, dark, and elegantly ornate, the establishment promises a one-of-a-kind stay riddled with a rich history of the Yucatan Peninsula. 

Photography by Shambala Private Game Reserve

Classic meets contemporary in South Africa's Shambala Private Game Reserve where an array of traditional antique accents seamlessly coexist aside a handful of modern elements. The thatched chalet even comes with an outdoor shower, integrated within the picturesque wilderness. 

Photography by RITZ PARIS

It hardly gets any more glamorous than the Ritz Paris. The original icon of glitz and elegance, the newly renovated hotel boasts a serious of inspired decorative elements that are hard to rival. From the swan-shaped faucets gilded in genuine gold leaf to the intricately ornate furnishings, even the more (relatively, of course) modest of baths are too beautiful to believe. File this one under dream bath.

Photography by THE LUDLOW

NYC's The Ludlow Hotel does what few NYC hotels can do: make tight city quarters desirable to stay in. From the tiles to the marble and chic brass hardware, only the spanning city views can come close to the stunning design scheme of the space. 

Photography by LE JARDIN DES BIEHN

This Moroccan escape is not for the faint of heart. Le Jardin des Biehn's thematically-decked rooms each entail a unique decorative scheme, one slightly more impressive than the next. We've got our eyes on this emerald green spot, where an eclectic array of textures and prints come joined with elaborate fixtures and exotic accents. 

Photography by Hotel Café Royal

Who knew that a monochromatic space could have so much character? Situated in London, Hotel Café Royal's seemingly simplistic approach to design entails a timeless gray aesthetic, elevated by warm wood accents and an incomparable contemporary edge. 


Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris may come with lavish living quarters but the mirror-clad bathrooms are surely one of the highlights of the hotel. Conceptualized by famed French designer Philippe Starck, the bathrooms are comprised of a clever pairing of mirror and light, resulting in one seriously jaw-dropping finish. 

Photography by Signiel Seoul

Who's ever dreamed of an exclusively marble-clad bath? Signiel Seoul not only features an intricate marble surround, but boast stunning city views that nearly rival the interior. The brand new hotel's floor-to-ceiling windows provide views from what is the 5th tallest high-rise in the world. You can't beat views like that. 

Photography by LE MEURICE

Le Meurice Paris may be known for its expansive views, which entail the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, and Sacré Coeur but, the hotel's marble baths deserve recognition all on their own. Decked with a tribute to 18th century opulence with a contemporary touch, the exclusively marble-clad space is truly fit for royalty. 

Originally published August 2017. Updated November 2017.

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Published on November 04, 2017 - 4:29am EDT

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