10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World

With these budget stays, you don’t have to skimp on design just to save a few dollars.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World
Photography by Oxotel

When most people hear the word “hostel,” they think of a dingy little room with bunk beds and backpackers. But hostels have grown up over the past decade, attempting to become “luxe” havens to appeal to all types of travelers—especially the ones that love a great Instagram picture—yet still care about their budget. Below are ten of the chicest hostels to escape to now—from Chiang Mai to Paris, you’ll find the perfect budget-friendly spot no matter what kind of vacation you’re in the process of planning.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Oxotel Hostel, Chiang Mai
Photography by Oxotel

Oxotel Hostel, Chiang Mai
The Oxotel Hostel in Chiang Mai was newly renovated in 2015 and features a variety of different room types depending on whether you’re traveling solo or in a pair. With an outdoor patio and an oxen theme throughout the décor, this hostel is a peaceful haven from the city’s center, but it’s also located on the same street as the famed Walking Street Market for shopping galore.  

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Les Piaules, Paris
Photography by Les Piaules

Les Piaules, Paris
Are you traveling solo and want to meet other likeminded people? The Les Piaules in Paris not only has a great bar and rooftop, but it’s also decorated in the fun, artsy vibe of the Belleville neighborhood where it’s located.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Casa Gracia, Barcelona
Photography by Casa Garcia

Casa Gracia, Barcelona
This centrally located hostel (near Gaudi’s La Pedrera in Barcelona) is in an absolutely picturesque, boutique hostel, and has a community feel to it. The staff organizes nightly pub crawls and dinners for an authentic Spanish experience—expect plenty of tapas opportunities!  

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: KEX Hostel, Iceland
Photography by Kex

KEX Hostel, Iceland
The trendy KEX Hostel in the heart of Reykjavik not only contains all of your standard hostel necessities—bunks, free WiFi, and free breakfast—but it also has a gastropub, heated outdoor patio, and a barber shop (just in case you need a trim while traveling). 

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Freehand Miami, Miami Beach
Photography by Freehand Miami

Freehand Miami, Miami Beach
Reinventing the historic Indian Creek Hotel—one of Miami Beach’s classic art deco buildings from the 1930s—the Freehand Miami was created to combine innovative design and a comfortable community at an affordable price. With interiors designed by Roman and Williams and local artists creating custom pieces, the space is a sight to behold—plus, it’s just a block from the beach.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: The BIG, Cape Town
Photography by The BIG

The B.I.G., Cape Town
This boutique hostel in Cape Town, South Africa features a pool, garden, a braai, and a pizza oven to cook up meals when you’re not exploring what Cape Town has to offer. Plus, many of the rooms—singles or dorms—feature large windows or balconies to enjoy the South African sunshine.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: WE Hostel, Sao Paulo
Photography by WE Hostel

WE Hostel, São Paulo
The WE Hostel took a gorgeous exterior building—a mansion from 1926—and gave it a modern, retro spin. Located near Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, Brazil, WE Hostel provides access to an open kitchen, bar, and, of course, WiFi during your travel downtime.   

10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Cocomama, Amsterdam
Photography by Cocomama

COCOMAMA, Amsterdam
Combining the luxury and comfort of a hotel and the atmosphere (and low price) of a hostel, COCOMAMA was born. With a variety of room types depending on your travel plans, a family-style kitchen, garden, and a private cinema, you’ll never be bored—even when you want a break from exploring the city. Plus, the staff constantly has a social calendar on hand to let you know what’s going on.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: Generator, Rome
Photography by Generator Rome

Generator, Rome
The high-design hostel group, Generator, recently launched a location in Rome, providing a rooftop terrace, a café, and a bar on-site. The lobby features a mural designed by famous Italian street artist Luca Maleonte, and live music and local art are continuously on display. Plus, with rooms starting at just $28 for a bed per night (or $88 for a private room), you can’t really beat it.

 10 of the Chicest Hostels Around the World: The Independente, Lisbon
Photography by The Independente

The Independente, Lisbon
The vintage art deco vibe of this hostel is essentially a design lover’s dream, and the fact that beds start at around $17 a pop doesn’t hurt either. Plus, The Independente is located in the heart of Lisbon. With plenty to see and do, you might not even need to hang out in the multiple restaurants or rooftop bar at the hostel—but you’ll want to.

Published on February 23, 2017 - 5:00am EST

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