10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland

Relax at one of these comfortable but cool spots locals love.

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland
Photography by Coava Coffee Roasters

Portland has its fair share of dreary days, but staying cheery isn’t a challenge if you’ve got the inside scoop on the local coffee scene. It takes the perfect blend of quality product and ambiance, but the right café can make you smile even on the darkest days. These 10 cozy spots will keep you comfortably caffeinated with the best roasts the city has to offer, while providing the perfect place to relax and let go or get cuddly with your special someone.

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Common Grounds

Common Grounds
Colorful couches combined with an assortment of table seating and rotating artwork made by locals makes this spot the quintessential Portland coffee house. Common Grounds boasts a 20-year history of providing the perfect specialty coffee shop experience with baristas who greet you like an old friend. Kick back on one of the sofas with a latte, and dial up the comfort with their unique grilled peanut butter and banana panini featuring dried cranberries (and the option to go “Elvis Style” by adding bacon).

4321 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., commongroundspdx.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Posies Bakery & Cafe
Photography by Kaitii Bandura

Posies Bakery & Cafe
This neighborhood cafe offers a bright atmosphere and a variety of baked comfort goods made by Mom—seriously. Head baker, Terri Burke, is the owner’s mother, and her homestyle cooking will put you right at ease. The bakery’s well-appointed tables and countertops (made with reclaimed wood) enhance the delightful ambience as does the beautifully maintained original flooring, which has stood the test of time since the early 1900s. Relax in the tranquil environment while enjoying a beverage made from Ristretto Roasters coffee, or indulge and order the buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwich.

8208 N. Denver Ave., posiecafe.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Space Monkey

Space Monkey
With an eclectic mix of vintage furnishings, a steadfast commitment to serving organic food products, and the carefully curated array of artisan goods, this neighborhood café serves up a strong shot of the Portlandia experience. Grab a newspaper and a salted caramel latte made from locally sourced coffee, and kick back in an inviting armchair. Or enjoy a made-to-order breakfast or lunch special—like the French toast panini—while relaxing on a couch that feels like it’s from your childhood home.

511 S.E. 72nd Ave., spacemonkeycoffee.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Sweedeedee North Portland Cafe
Photography by Cheryl Juetten

Sweedeedee North Portland Cafe
As sweet as the sound of its name, this stylish breakfast and lunch spot is known for its cheeriness and house-made pies. Warm up with a bowl of homemade soup or satisfy your sweet tooth with a honey cake. With high ceilings, plenty of natural light, and thoughtful decor, the sun starts to shine the minute you step through the establishment’s doors—even when it’s raining outside.

5202 N. Albina Ave., sweedeedee.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Cellar Door Coffee Roasters

Cellar Door Coffee Roasters 
Best known as a local coffee roaster, this Victorian style café focuses all of its efforts on serving the perfect cup of joe. Recline on a couch with your favorite caffeinated sip, or order a savory slice of quiche to munch on while you people watching from a window seat.

2001 S.E. 11th Ave., cellardoorcoffee.com

10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Barista

Located in the Alberta Arts District, Barista is a likably hipster joint that is welcoming to all. The rich walnut bar and dark wooden wall panels combine with the Pacific Northwest décor for a perfect tip-of-the-hat to the roaster’s hometown roots. Ample seating provides plenty of room for family and friends to enjoy spending hours sipping on their signature coffee or an exceptional craft beer.

1725 N.E. Albert St., baristapdx.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Rain or Shine Coffee House
Photography by Rain or Shine Coffee House

Rain or Shine Coffee House
This gem of a café greets you with open arms and serves up customer service, coffee, and delectable eats with overflowing kindness. The bright, airy shop provides plenty of room to visit with friends, work, or study. Linger over a savory bagel sandwich while perched by a window, or get toasty in the comfy corner armchair seating area with a lavender mocha—one of their seasonal specials.

5041 S.E. Division St., rainorshinepdx.om

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Coava Espresso Bar
Photography by Coava Coffee Roasters

Coava Espresso Bar
An abundance of windows allows this popular Portland coffee roaster’s second location to light up when the sun makes an appearance, and the fireplace and couch provide the perfect place to curl up with a warm beverage when it’s cloudy. Coava’s focus is creating exceptional coffee roasts that deliver an exquisite espresso experience, but their expanded menu includes a tea program built around Jasmine Pearl Tea, Cocanu mochas, and house-made Madagascar vanilla. If you are craving a bite, they carry locally made pastries.

2631 S.E. Hawthorne Blvd., coavacoffee.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Case Study

Case Study
The upper floor offers a quiet space to read, write, or whisper sweet nothings while taking your time with a skillfully prepared macchiato. However, if the sun is shining, the garden area just outside the side door is a lovely option with picnic tables and patio furniture seating. Whether you prefer the peace of a library-like environment or nibbling and imbibing in a fresh air setting, there’s plenty of room and menu options to enjoy while you while away the day.

1422 N.E. Alberta St., casestudycoffee.com

 10 Coziest Cafes and Coffee Shops in Portland: Rocking Frog Cafe
Photography by kristidoespdx.com

Rocking Frog Cafe
A throwback to the casual Portland coffee shops of the 90's, this cafe is located in a humble craftsman bungalow built in 1913. There is always good background music playing to set the mood so you can lose yourself in a book or in conversation. Study and munch on breakfast and lunch sandwiches named after famous authors by the fireplace during the colder months. Then, when the weather turns warm, head out to the bamboo-shrouded patio to sip on locally roasted coffee or tea.

2511 S.E. Belmont St., rockingfrongpdx.com

Published on February 25, 2017 - 4:00am EST

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