Tour a Breezy Beach House Inspired by Its Landscape

With a whitewashed interior and plenty of natural textures, this home may be the most quintessentially summer home we’ve ever seen.

Tour A Beachfront Home That Perfects The Nautical Look

Is it too early to already be looking forward to next summer? Because, this home in Beach Haven, New Jersey has us prematurely wishing for it.

Designed by Brooklyn-based design firm Chango & Co., the home is located in a beach town and includes all the requirements for a relaxing, breezy seaside haven. Natural textures bring the outdoors in, a primarily white color palette is dotted blue for a nautical look, and massive windows allow for plenty of natural light to stream in—there are even large picture windows that overlook the beach.

Beach House Dining Room Decor

Recruited by new homeowners to give the home a bespoke feel, Chango & Co. set about painting and decorating the home with custom furnishings and beach-y accessories. Of course, it helps that the five bedroom home was constructed in perfect condition. Read on to discover how the design team transformed an empty space into a property that looks like the amalgamation of all our beachfront retreat dreams.

Here’s what Susana Simonpietri, Chango & Co.’s creative director, had to say about the renovation.

Whitewashed, Marble-Topped Kitchen Decor Ideas

Can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the decor?
With beach houses, we draw much of the inspiration from the surrounding landscape—cool blues, soft sandy neutrals, natural textures, etc. We also wanted this space to be a true reflection of the client's personality so, her fun-loving, casual demeanor was a huge inspiration for the finished space.


 This Bathroom Blends Beachy, Natural Textures For A Chic Finish

Was there anything top-priority on the client’s wishlist?
The client wanted to have some really fun and playful spaces for her two boys. We created an awesome playroom on the first floor with a colorful gallery wall, bright patterned fabrics, and a very cool double rocker. Their bedrooms were also decked out in pattern and color, with fun wallpapers and accessories.


Beach-Inspired Colorful Kids Bedroom Decor

We love those pops of color! Especially contrasted with the mostly white and clean color palette in the rest of the home—what was your thought process behind that?
If you start with a beautiful white canvas, you can layer in really interesting mixes of textures and colors.

In the living room, we wanted the indigo to be center stage, so we chose really sumptuous pillows made from vintage fabrics against the bright white linen couch. In the kids’ playrooms, we wanted to create a bold look using primary colors layered on top of white and natural jute.


 Colorful Gallery Wall in Kids Playroom

Speaking of, can you tell us a little about all the natural textures you incorporated in the home?
We love to incorporate natural floor-coverings into all our spaces. This immediately gives the space a warm, welcoming vibe. For this home, we also incorporated lots of natural raffia, wicker, reclaimed wood, and jute.


 A Beach-Inspired Entryway Nook That's Quintessentially Summer

For example, the wicker chairs in the living room with their modern curves are the perfect mix of cool and comfortable.

 A Blue and White Nautical-Themed Living Room with Lots of Natural Textures

Do you have a part of the home that sticks out as a favorite?
I think it's hard to pick a favorite in this one. I personally really love the master bedroom and the dining room. Probably for both the simplicity and the light fixtures that pull on my heartstrings. There's something both modern and comforting about them.

Published on September 15, 2017 - 4:00pm EDT

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