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Kristin likes dogs and cats equally, likes all desserts (but doesn't understand the appeal of ice cream, will eat it gladly though), and loves all things beauty, hair, wellness, and giving back. Feel free to send her compliments, GIFs, and puppies via USPS or email.

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Personalized gifts for mom, since she’s the best. more >
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But now you can make it last all day long with these French tips. more >
Which is why we blind taste-tested the top brands for you. more >
But the solutions are shockingly simple. more >
Save time, money, and effort with these tricks. more >
And you’ll want to use it, too. more >
And did we mention it’s only $6.99? more >
And did we mention it only takes minutes to work? more >
Everyone will be green with envy. more >
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Beauty experts are changing the conversation when it comes to aging. more >
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No overseas flight needed for that guaranteed je ne sais quoi. more >
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I’ve tried EVERYTHING but I kept coming back to this. more >
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It’s just the most perfect thing on television. more >
Shop your fridge for your next face mask. more >
Flowers and ice cream and ceramics—mon dieu! more >
Ube has impressive health benefits—and taste like white chocolate! more >
Say goodbye to smudging and scrubbing. more >
The effortlessly talented Streicher Sisters spill their go-to party tricks. more >
These outstanding products come in one unexpected and easy-to-use format: a stick. more >
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Don’t overlook these crazy good products—at crazy good prices too. more >
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Pro manicurists share fun and easy red, white, and blue ideas. more >
“Plant Paradox” is here to change your diet forever. more >
The cult favorite K-Beauty brand will open a store in NYC this September. more >
But now you aren’t going to be able to live without this game-changer. more >
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Big and small actions that make a difference. more >
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Moringa oil is about to change your skin (and skincare regime) forever. more >
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Lotions, lip balms, and mousses to keep you protected all season long. more >
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