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Anna has a penchant for travel, fresh flowers, and books. You can usually find her on some sort of culinary adventure, seeking the best burgers or waffles in the city. 

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And still keep your security deposit. more >
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Spots so chic, we'd book a trip just to see them. more >
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Avocado-print wrapping paper? Yes, please. more >
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How to DIY your decor with the help of our favorite Swedish retailer. more >
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Situated on Long Island Sound, Sound View boasts all the makings of a dreamy, waterfront retreat. more >
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This year, the classics come paired with a surprising addition. more >
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Sarah Sherman Samuel partners with Lulu & Georgia for something very special. more >
We got the scoop on Target's forthcoming collection geared towards small-space living: Project 62. more >
The dreamiest spots we wish were ours. more >
Domino editors on their latest cravings. more >
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A stunning transformation in the heart of Tulsa's historic district. more >
The overall, most-searched design style will definitely surprise you. more >
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The one trend we can't get enough of: minimalist utility hook racks. more >
Get the scoop on the most talked-about exhibit in town. more >
The trendiest patterned tiles even renters can indulge in. more >
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It's chilled, refreshing, and everything you need on a hot summer's day. more >
How to peel tomatoes without compromising on their flavor. more >
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Get the scoop on the planters we're loving right now. more >
A work lunch shouldn't be an excuse to hold out on a mouthwatering meal. more >
Chelsea N. Nassib, Founder of Tappan, shares her go-to tips. more >
Inside I Spy DIY's Jenni Radosevich's stunning flip project! more >
Peek inside this dreamy Long Island retreat. more >
Domino editors spill their latest cravings. more >
Five reasons why you should be embracing these fresh shades. more >
Get inspired by our favorite outdoor spots from around the web. more >
Clever ways to fill the awkward spaces in your home. more >
Finding the plant is only half the battle. more >
Stylish upgrades that won't break the bank. more >
Lessons learned from these jaw-dropping spots. more >
It comes complete with an eat-in area, bar, and pantry. more >
How to create a beautiful 4th of July treat with just 3 ingredients. more >
Easy updates to instantly upgrade your living room! more >
All the essentials you'll need for a little fun in the sun! more >
Because, every once in a while, a lack of color can be a good thing. more >
Get the scoop on the must-have shades of the season. more >
Inside Verde, and everything we learned from the beautifully-decorated space. more >
Jonathan Scott talks sleep, wellness, and creating the ultimate bedroom escape. more >
How to prolong the shelf life of your summer produce. more >
Jajaja is the latest development on the NYC food scene, and we can't get enough. more >
Pops of pink and more decor moments we loved. more >
Here's to planning the ultimate summer getaway. more >
Out goes the traditional bouquet. more >
Tour this inspired space, which over 140 plants call home! more >
Here's how we're embracing the color of the year. more >
Haven't you heard? Maximalism is the new minimalism. more >
17 style-focused ways to decorate your kitchen windows. more >
Life outdoors never looked this good. more >
Here's everything you need to know about the new season of Brother vs. Brother. more >
A turn of the century office space converts into dream loft. more >
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We're kicking off the unofficial start of summer with these mouthwatering dishes you can make outside. more >
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How to have a garden in a teeny, tiny space. more >
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Edible fruit centerpieces, hand-dyed ribbons, and so much more! more >
Sweet and savory recipes for edible fruit bowls. more >
Company's coming. Here's how to make their space just right. more >
Here's how your work can be a future collaboration with the home goods retailer. more >
A quick and easy DIY that's all the rage. more >
Chairish joins forces with lifestyle guru Anne Sage and interior designer Martha Mulholland. more >
The basics of investing in the ultimate linen stash, and making it last. more >
Easy updates for your statement pieces. more >
How to practice safe avocado-pitting practices. more >
How to use a brass triangle shelf as a centerpiece, desktop organizer, or in the kitchen. more >
The trends we're leaving behind, and the ones we can't wait to bring in. more >
Plykea is about to change the kitchen-reno game for good. more >
Get the scoop on the wedding floral trends that are inspiring us right now. more >
Floral chandeliers, fruity popsicles, and so much more! more >
Havenly launches a one-stop-shop of interior designer-approved picks for all your celebrations. more >
A Barbie print, bright blue walls, candy buffet, and more design moments we loved from this LA home. more >
Inside the designer's first line of embroidered pillows and fabrics. more >
How interior designer Tamara Magel tackled a 12,000-square-foot (!!) home. more >
Eskayel's latest line benefits artisan women in Honduras and Rwanda. more >
Inside the Brooklyn-based design firm's collaboration with West Elm—we want everything. more >
Everything you need to know about SP01 x L&G Studio's concept shop Over / Under. more >
This is how you bring your travels home. more >
Meet the LA brands that are turning the FRAKTA shopping bag into a hat. more >
Our favorite storage pieces from the Scandinavian brand Minus tio. more >
Located on a wooden waterfront lot in Deep Cove, Vancouver, Lyndon Cormack's home lets nature in. more >
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The best patio decorating ideas for spaces big and small! more >
Balenciaga offers a $2150 tote that looks nearly identical to IKEA's signature shopper. more >
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From the entryway to the kitchen to the bedroom, there was no space left behind in this renovation. more >
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Because they're way too pretty to stay behind closed doors. more >
Inside Chinatown's Nickel & Diner and the chicken soup everyone's talking about. more >
The coastal city of San Jose del Cabo is on the brink of a major revival, and we've got the scoop on everything you need to know. more >
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And the worldly resorts that inspired the look. more >
Presenting–in no particular order- our favorite design blogs of this year! more >
How to (easily!) recreate Egg Shop's signature recipes at home. more >
Plus, a look inside their new, home-inspired brick and mortar. more >
How to elevate your table with flowers, fruits, and so much more! more >
See the retailer's colorful collaboration with Eric Trine and Dusen Dusen. more >
How to bring the season's best florals home! more >
Maison Pickle's resident Mixologist shares the recipes for his mouthwatering concoctions. more >
How to DIY your way to a Pinterest-worthy tablescape. more >
The blogger behind With Love From Kat talks moving West. more >
The two-in-one piece that's making a statement. more >
The insider's guide to the vibrant town with a booming art scene. more >
Plus, how to coddle eggs sans a coddler! more >
Why green and white is the color pairing we can't get enough of! more >
Spring cleaning starts here! more >
This is how you organize your pantry like a pro! more >
The power couple behind Brunette wine bar spill the deets on how to make it in the restaurant business. more >
Hudson's Flowerkraut is not your traditional shop. more >
Discover the inspired ways we're bringing more color into our home. more >
And how to incorporate their best details into your own home! more >
We snagged the recipe for Tartine's must-try salad, right in time for the weekend. more >
A kitchen revamp starts with this easy accent piece! more >
Inside the light-filled and colorfully bold home of this month's Minted artist! more >
Spoiler alert: we're all about the florals. more >
It's time to rethink this decor staple with a vibrantly colorful refresh! more >
Tiramisu, stuffed donuts, tomato pasta, and nine more ways to eat your beer. more >
The Beer Sisters school us on finding the brew that best complements your palette. more >
How to pair rugs with the right decorative accents, furnishings, and more! more >
In the studio with this month's Minted artist! more >
How to recreate the NYC eatery's signature plates, at home! more >
Designer Emily Starr Alfano spills her go-to decorating tips and tricks! more >
Learn how to bring the best of the desert landscape into your home. more >
Weeknight meals just got a whole lot easier. more >
The accent piece that can make or break your current decor scheme. more >
Seven ways to decorate with these non-traditional shades. more >
Plus, three reasons why you should be serving tapas for brunch. more >
Black and white living room decorating ideas you won't want to miss. more >
Seven serene hues that will invite a refresh. more >
Get a glimpse inside this soothing sanctuary situated in Laurel Canyon. more >
Stylish solutions for the extra wall space in your home. more >
These bright and bold chairs were made for cozy nooks and corners. more >
Elevate your spring tablescape with these fun and fresh ideas! more >
Three sweet, savory, and healthy dishes featuring the It fruit of the season. more >
The design-focused vases we're craving for spring! more >
The Australian interiors that combine these covetable decorating styles. more >
Fresh and clever ideas for bringing the color of the year home. more >
Boho-chic, scaled-back maximalism, and more of the stunning trends we can't get enough of. more >
A new season of entertaining is underway! more >
Inside photographer Caroline Lee's rad bedroom redesign. more >
Mushroom tartines and roasted butternut squash soup! more >
Creating a wildflower arrangement with Flowerkraut of Hudson! more >
Spirited concoctions meant to be indulged with a box of chocolates. more >
Light and airy entries that have us seriously inspired. more >
A glimpse inside the newly renovated Parisian mainstay. more >
Relive these bold color moments through these style-focused finds. more >
Chocolate-dipped, funfetti, s'mores, and more! more >
It's time to rethink that standard box of chocolates. more >
Here's why you should book a trip down asap! more >
That's 48 hours of non-stop inspiration. You're welcome. more >
Mix and match these metallic pieces that can double as serving trays and more! more >
Give your shelves a little love with these on-trend ideas we simply can't get enough of! more >
Get inspired by the curated feeds of these Nordic tastemakers. more >
We're ditching the beach in favor of these stunning getaways. more >
How to decorate with the color trend that's taking over 2017. more >
See how the team behind The Future Perfect transformed a mid-century home into a design-forward gallery. more >
When it comes to decorating with color, more is more! more >
Get the tour of Jacob Hadjigeorgis's latest venture: Maison Pickle. more >
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12 of the biggest trends in interior textiles for the year! more >
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Chef Jeff Shields of Eugene & Co. dishes out the recipe for his signature Porchetta. more >
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A day in the life of the French author + three mouthwatering recipes from her new cookbook! more >
The (slightly) healthier cocktail mix alternative you should know about. more >
Contemporary holiday decorating ideas for every style and space. more >
Spoiler alert: it's budget-friendly chic. more >
We're looking to these festive spots for a little holiday decor inspiration! more >
A foolproof guide to setting the ultimate winter cheese board! more >
Inside the fashionista's recently redesigned Chinatown studio. more >
Four ways to incorporate 2017's Greenery into your space! more >
Budget-friendly gift ideas and inspiration for the holidays! more >
Chiara de Rege and Hilary Koyfman on creating the most comfortable workspace! more >
Three style-focused ways to decorate with CB2's wire wreath! more >
The Pioneer Woman on hosting a stress-free holiday party! more >
The coolest prints and patterns from across the globe! more >
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20 great gift ideas for the leading lady in your life. more >
Lauren Conrad on throwing the perfect dinner party! more >
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An insider's guide to The Big Easy. more >
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Open-faced sandwich recipes featuring the season's best. more >
The style-focused textures you need to take on the upcoming season. more >
In the studio with this month's Minted artist! more >
How to hide unsightly cords and wires anywhere in your space. more >
Get the insiders' scoop on the vintage-inspired and exotically-decked San Francisco restaurant! more >
Tour the light-filled apartment we can't stop talking about! more >
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We've rounded up a few of the best spaces–some oldies, some newbies–of the year. more >
We've rounded up a few of the best spaces–some oldies, some newbies–of the year. more >
We've rounded up a few of the best spaces–some oldies, some newbies–of the year. more >
A monthly glimpse inside the homes and studios of Minted's artists. more >
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Meet MISTY HUGHES, the inspirited creative behind Misty Hughes, and Minted + domino’s featured monthly artist! more >
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