Photo: Brittany Ambridge

Photo: Brittany Ambridge
where we're shopping: american two shot
With its mix of hip designer fashions and outsider art, this boutique is a mecca for Manhattan’s downtown scene.

OPEN MINDED After years of working as advisers in the financial and art markets, respectively, Stephanie Krasnoff and Olivia Wolfe—best friends and lifelong fashion fiends—were ready for a career change. So, in March 2012, the Miami natives opened American Two Shot to showcase up-and-coming clothing designers, as well as the latest artwork and music. “We wanted to do something different and change the wheel,” Krasnoff explains. “So we created a place that didn’t exist for us as customers.”

EQUAL PARTS In addition to serving as a fashion boutique, an art gallery, and a music venue, the shop also boasts Café Integral, a coffee bar run by the duo’s friend César Vega. “He was looking to start his own small cafe just as we were dreaming up the store,” Wolfe says. “It wouldn’t be American Two Shot without him.”

PERSONAL TOUCH Krasnoff and Wolfe recently launched their own line of fashion essentials. “We like to step things up without being overwhelming,” Wolfe says of their cool collection of jackets and dresses, “to create easy looks that are still exciting, fun, and unexpected.”

CITY OF FRIENDS “We love incorporating the works of local artists, designers, architects, and musicians into the store,” Wolfe says. “It feels good to be able to give our friends a creative platform that keeps us inspired.”

khoile “He creates amazing exclusives for American Two Shot,” says Wolfe. “He literally makes the perfect backpack!”

rachel antonoff “There aren’t many designers as fun as Rachel,” says Krasnoff. “She has a quirky sense of humor that really comes through in her designs.”

antipodium “This is the ultimate brand for girly tomboys like us,” says Krasnoff, “and for the street-wear look that’s popular this season.”

samantha pleet “Pleet is so consistent,” says Wolfe. “Season after season, she just keeps dreaming up whimsical dresses that make a girl feel good.”

kaelen “Kaelen is a new designer for American Two Shot,” says Krasnoff. “We’re happy to add her fresh, straight-up-NYC vibe to the mix.”
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