Amazon Is Building A Grocery Store With No Check Out

This video of Amazon’s grocery store of the (very near) future is exactly what we’ve always wanted… with yogurt.

Amazon Go Grocery

photography by AMAZON

Look, the way to our heart is through sandwiches.

Yet, it is more than just tasty sandwiches that makes this video straight from Amazon’s idea factory fascinating—it’s that the sandwiches, yogurt, and pretty much everything you need for the fridge are available in a completely grab-and-go basis, no lines or register required.

The Amazon Go tech behind this vision of the (remarkably near) future would be a little slice of paradise for those of us with little time or patience for lines, or no love for time-hogging shoppers fumbling with their coupons in front of us. Also, eye contact with shop clerks is very 20th Century, don’t you think?

The most intriguing thing here, though, is that Amazon Go is not some pie-in-the-sky, X project from the House of Bezos. No, a full grocery store powered by the app-based service is currently open near Amazon’s Seattle office on Seventh Avenue between Blanchard and Lenora streets.   

Currently, the Amazon Go shop only serves employees of the e-comm giant who are beta testing the tech and concept (and the store’s lovely looking pre-made meals). Amazon, however, plans to open it to the public early next year and talk of new locations in other major metropolitan areas. Hopefully then we can stop in, grab a cheesecake cupcake, and then just walk out, with no eye contact at all.  

For all the details, check out the video below:

Amazon Go Video

Published on December 06, 2016 - 1:00pm EST

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