Amazon Just Launched Two New Furniture Brands

Add chic home decor to the list of reasons to shop the e-retailer.

 Amazon Just Launched Two New Furniture Brands
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The newest place to find trendy furniture? No, it’s not an indie boutique or even an upcoming Target collab (though if you’re interested in the latter, kindly direct your attention to Target’s just-launched Chip & Joanna Gaines partnership). It’s Amazon, thanks to new furniture lines Rivet and Stone & Beam.

That’s right: The e-retailer—turned grocery store owner, turned virtual fitting room provider—just launched not one, but two in-house furniture brands. Both offer a plethora of products, and both are eligible for free shipping under Prime.

Per Furniture Today, the new brands signify Amazon’s foray into private-label furniture.

“Customers are increasingly turning to Amazon for their home furnishing needs, with furniture as one of the fastest-growing retail categories here at Amazon, and we are excited to continue innovating on behalf of customers as well as expanding our selection of products,” said Amazon in a statement.


 This Is Not a Drill: Amazon Is Now Selling Furniture
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Rivet and Stone & Beam target two different demographics and carry two distinct aesthetics.

Rivet is the younger, more millennial-driven line, featuring mid-century pieces and industrial lighting. Rivet has a one-year warranty on all items and is aimed at small space dwellers: Think, a folding ottoman sofa bed or an industrial-style media console with extra storage.


 You Can Now Buy Furniture on Amazon
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In contrast, Stone & Beam “caters to the style, comfort, and durability needs of today’s modern family with stylish and sturdy pieces”, according to an Amazon rep.

This brand teeters between a modern farmhouse with a rustic feel, and comes with a higher price point, and three-year warranty to boot. Stone & Beam does include sturdier sectionals and accent chairs, but also offers a selection of wall art that varies from more modern text prints to black and white photography.

 Rivet and Stone & Beam, Amazon's Two New Furniture Brands
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“Rivet and Stone & Beam feature furniture and decor to serve the needs and style aesthetics of different customer segments,” said Ayesha Harper, Amazon’s director of hardlines private brands, in a statement. “As a company, we’re always listening to customers, learning and innovating on their behalf to bring them products we think they’ll love.”

Source: Furniture Today

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Published on November 08, 2017 - 12:00pm EST

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