Air Drawing Violet Purple


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Air Drawing (Violet Purple) I - This is a large original painting on heavyweight (400 gsm) fine art paper.

Size: 19.7 W x 25.6 H”
Materials: Acrylic, Gouache & Pencil 


I began a series of paintings last year called “Air Drawings”. The works were inspired by the long and graceful tree braches that I see weaving through the landscape. I love how branches intersect and criss-cross through the sky, like they were woven in mid-air.

This piece began with a loose pencil drawing on the paper. Then, each color is carefully mixed by hand to create a harmonious color palette. The lines are applied one at a time with multiple thin layers of paint to create a rich & saturated surface.

Height: 25.6"

Width: 19.7"

Weight: 1lb

Color: Purple, violet, grey

Material: Acrylic on Paper

Style of Design: Eclectic