Wonki Ware All-Purpose Bowls - Set of 4


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Dimensions: 7"dia. x 2.75"h Unique shape.  Adds color to your spreads.  Looks great with any white tableware.  Set of 4  Turn up the color on your tables with our curvy ceramics. They're made by artisans in South Africa, an area known for equally vibrant surroundings. Each piece, like this bowl, is crafted by hand, from the clay mold to the glaze. The end product is a special, glossy, useful item that is unique in its color and size. They're great when paired with your white dinnerware, or get a few to mix and match.Due to the kiln-firing process, natural, hair-line cracks may be visible in the glaze. The strength of the product is not affected, but instead a bit of character is added to make each one a little different. Dishwasher and microwave safe.

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7" L X 7" W X 2.75" H

Material: Ceramic

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