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Dimensions: 26.75"w x 18.25"d x 5.25"h  Sturdy and versatile.   Large handles for easy transport.   Durable rattan lasts for years.  We love the versatility of this tray, which can hold anything from the myriad remotes in the living room to socks in the laundry room. Use it to hold dishes at a potluck, magazines on the floor, children's toys-its uses are limited only by your imagination. Our Burmese rattan line is perfect for introducing an organic element into your home. Whether you're adding a homey element to a traditionally decorated home or a touch of warmth to a modern space, these rattan items are beautiful, practical, and durable.

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18.25" L X 26.75" W X 5.25" H

Material: Rattan

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