Modern Pop Chair


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Dimensions: 23"w x 29"d x 30.5";  Adds vibrance to a room.  Colorful seating solution. Armless design lacks bulk.  If this chair were a personality, we imagine it would be full of moxxy and charisma. Its vibrant, cherry-pink upholstery is like that bubbly character at parties who always has the best cocktail stories. But back to the chair- it's a great one, with modestly tapered, dark, walnut legs that make it approachable and sturdy. All this makes it a great seating solution for an entertaining space (or for a room that needs some "oomph"). It's like the cherry on top for a well-designed space. This piece will be custom-made in the USA, so please allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.  

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23" W X 29" D X 30.5" H

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