Donkey Quilt


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Though the art of quilt-making has been around for centuries, native quilts weren't made in Haiti until very recently. Now this artistic expression has become a means of providing work and income to the local community. While working diligently to handcraft the quilt you see here, a group of women making it talk, sing and laugh together, a form of community building that helps them combat the stress of economic strife they face with every day. The vibrant fabrics and embroidery are signature characteristics to their quilts and a reflection of the rich culture that abounds throughout Haiti. This one is embroidered with part of a Haitian proverb, "The donkey carries a heavy load..." Crafted with a dowel casing to fit a dowel up to a half-inch in diameter.  On the back you'll find a patch embroidered with the title of the quilt, its production number, the dates it was made, and the name of the quilter who made it.  Dimensions: 40"w x 41.5"h

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41.5" L X 40" W

Material: Cotton

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