Small Belles Rives Lacquer Tray in Citron by Rita Konig

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As featured in domino’s Holiday 2013 issue, Rita Konig's small Belles Rives tray is handmade, high gloss, and high style, with a wavy edge. 

Ships approximately November 20, 2013.

About the lacquer process:

Our lacquer is a combination of Rhus Succedanea tree sap and cashew oil and our eggshell lacquer is made with real duck eggshell.

A base layer of natural black lacquer is applied to the wood and allowed to dry. Each layer dries very slowly in a humid environment over several days. The piece is wrapped in thin cotton gauze to prevent cracking before further layers of lacquer are applied.

Each layer dries before it is wet-sanded in fresh water with fine carbon paper until perfectly smooth. We repeat this step many times (at least fifteen layers are usual). Finally, the color or decoration is meticulously applied.

There is no prescribed drying time, no set number of layers; regardless of the desired finish, from ultra matte to high gloss, the lacquer is applied and polished until it’s perfect.

11" L X 7.5" W X 1.25" H

Material: Ceramic

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