Classic Black Sling Slang YOYO

TAIT Design Co.

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HEY YO! Ooooooooweee, this is some premium stuff right here my friends! Not your standard bandalore, you'll be walking the schnauzer and sleeping for days with this handmade YOYO. Sling-Slang comes as a simple-to-build kit in a handmade sustainable cardboard package, and features a hand-turned hard maple body with a removable grooved steel axle that makes strings tricks easier and knot removal a thing of the past! Match your outfit with one of the two polyester strings included. That's what's up! And down...


Weight: 3oz.
Diameter: 2.25 inches
Body Shape: Classic Geometric
Body Material: Solid Hard Rock Maple - Turned in Maine
Fixed String Gap
Removable Grooved Steel Axle Shaft
Handmade Environmentally Friendly Velcro-Lock Cardboard Case
100% USA Made

Height: 1.25"

Length: 4"

Width: 6.5"

Color: Classic Black

Style of Design: Traditional

Material: Wood