Twiggy Floor


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The Twiggy Floor light has a flexible arc inspired by a fishing rod. The arc is composed of linear sections exactly like a fishing rod or the supports for a tent. When taken apart, Twiggy takes up very little space and curves delicately.  A simple system of counterweights placed in the diffuser allow you to change the degree of arc as needed. (At distances of 5cm to be exact.)  Twiggy's base is also inspired by the image of a fishing rod, specifically a rod sticking out of the ground or a frozen lake.  A simple and lightweight disc, the base can slide under a rug, table or chair to reduce it's spatial presence even more.  Thanks to the diffuser, Twiggy's light is focused downwards to create accent lighting while also allowing light to be reflected off the ceiling. 

 Frame Material - Fiberglass

Height - 57.1" - 64.9"

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