No Worries | Aromatherapy Oil

Soul Sunday

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A combination of fine citrus essential oils that encourage the flow of creativity and promote a sense of well being. apply to pulse points and breathe deeply.

Contains :

bergamot essential oil - a natural anti-depressant. this refreshing, sophisticated citrus oil uplifts and calms, helping you let go of anxiety and free your creativity. (bergaptene-free)

lemon essential oil  -  fresh and crisp, lemon brings clarity and helps relieve nervous conditions. known to lower blood pressure and also an anti-septic, helping boost the body's immunity.

clary-sage essential oil - evokes feelings of joy and euphoria. a natural anti-depressant.

melissa leaf essential oil -  like lemon, melissa's clean aroma helps eliminate nervous energy. it is also known to be a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-viral, helping you through winter in more ways than one.

100 percent natural + vegan. hand-blended in USA

Height: 0.5"

Length: 3.5"

Width: 0.5"

Color: Yellow

Style of Design: Natural

Material: Oil