Langhorne Stool


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Functionality, Comfort, and the highest quality of materials were central to every design decision we made in crafting the langhorne stool

American Walnut from hardwood forests in PA
Hand carved seat: Robert Erickson developed a method for hand carving seats in the early 70’s which placed comfort and ergonomics at the highest pinnacle.
100% milled brass hardware
Hand stained American Bison leather carrying strap w/ hand oxidized rivets
Every stool is hand numbered and associated with a limited production run.
Made in Nevada City, CA
Functional Details:

Folds flat
Removable carrying strap
Seat: The seat scoop was designed to form perfectly to your body.
The front of the seat is known as a waterfall, and is carved downward to mimic the curvature of your legs.
Aesthetic feature, the seat’s thickness is an optical illusion as it retains thickness and durability while maintaining a minimalism in appearance.
The Ericksons have mastered this process over the last 30 years.
Stool Dimensions:

18.5" Tall
Seat: 13" Wide, 12" Deep
Total Width is 13 3/8"

Weight: 15lb

Color: Brown

Material: American Walnut, Brass, Bison Leather

Style of Design: Traditional