Through the Looking-Glass, Typography Art Print


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The Through the Looking-Glass poster is created using the entire text of the novel.

Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass is a true masterpiece of children's literature. As the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it shares the same fantastical, dreamlike tone, and Carroll's playful prose mixes clever wordplay with willful nonsense to breathe life into a vibrant world of chaotic contradictions and skillfully-woven fantasy.

The poster takes the carefully-crafted words of Lewis Carroll's text and weaves them into an image of a curious Alice making her first tentative entrance into the inverted Looking-Glass World. Carroll's deft storytelling draws the reader into his dizzyingly surreal narrative, just as here his words seem to suck the adventurous Alice into the topsy-turvy realm that lies beyond the mirror.

Through the Looking Glass is a seminal work that remains close to the heart of countless lovers of literature who first encountered it in childhood, and our poster conjures the same sense of fascination and wonder that readers of the book will have experienced.

Material - Satin Paper



30" W X 24" H

Material Name: Paint

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