Middlemarch, Typography Art Print


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The Middlemarch poster is created using Books 1 & 2 - up to chapter 18 from the last book.
Our poster encapsulates the very idea that marriage is not always a happy affair. This is one of the prevailing themes of the novel Middlemarch and in our poster two lovers stand in the process of being united in marriage and yet are looking away from one another in seeming indifference. Like in the novel, their motives for marriage are more driven by social pressure than by love or willingness to commit; hence, they avert their eyes from one another.
Middlemarch is a book that can bring a pang to the heart of a reader who understands how convoluted questions of life, romance, and marriage can be. Our poster beautifully captures this intricate concept for our viewers.

Material - Satin Paper

36" W X 24" H

Material Name: Paint

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