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This Hamlet art print is created using the entire text from the play.

The dark words of Shakespeare’s play Hamlet coagulate here into a work of art which captures the imagination with its deathly visage. 

The tragic rhetoric of Hamlet collates here to mold a disturbing yet beguiling image. The tormented and haunted young Hamlet stands holding a recently unearthed skull, poised to ask the famous question: “To be, or not to be.” Lovely flowers slip from the skull and through his fingers, representing the death of Ophelia – her life force slowly slipping away from him. These floras create a striking scene as they alight delicately upon the water and remain juxtaposed against the gruesome and deadly countenance of the skull. In this work of art, the beauty and horror of death are momentarily united in Hamlet’s hands as he contemplates whether he should choose life or death. 

Hamlet is a powerful and unforgettable classic which has given devoted readers some of the most recognized literary phrases of all time. Here, these phrases and the rest of Shakespeare’s poignant composition are used to create a compelling work of art worthy of this grotesquely gorgeous literary masterpiece.

Material - Satin Paper

24" W X 36" H

Material Name: Paint

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