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This Crime and Punishment poster is created using the first 4 chapters of the book.

With Dostoyevsky’s suspenseful words, this illustration literally incarcerates the spirit of Crime and Punishment with its portrayal of Raskolnikov’s crime as weighed against his punishment. In this art print, a scale stands firm with an axe hanging from the left and a ball and chain hanging from the right; both these objects are evenly weighed and equal to one another, suggesting that the punishment, as represented here by the axe, fits the crime.

Crime and Punishment remains as a chilling psychological icon of the mind’s inner workings and the positive and negative toll it can take on the physical body. Using Dostoyevsky’s original words, this work of art stunningly grasps this idea and through its magnificent symbolism presents a lovely depiction of this remarkable book. 

Material - Satin Paper

0 " L X 30 " W X 24 " H

Material Name: Paint

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