Beowulf, Typography Art Print


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This Beowulf poster is created using the entire text from the book. 

This print uses the original red-blooded rhetoric of Beowulf to present the heroic and unforgettable scenario of Beowulf's final battle against a nightmarish, fire-eating beast. In this illustration, Beowulf stands surrounded by flames but does not balk in the face of this apocalyptic struggle. The cruel and terrible features of Beowulf's scaly foe rise far above our hero with unwavering malice. But Beowulf does not falter and, hoisting his mighty sword high, is prepared to meet his enemy head-on in battle and to die, if necessary, for the sake of honor and valor. 

Beowulf is a tale of an ancient superman whose power to enthrall gains more momentum with time even in our modern age. And through this art print, the final conflict of this magnificent champion is permeated with life as well as luminous vivacity.   

Material - Satin Paper

24" W X 20" H

Material Name: Paint

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