Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Typography Art Print


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This Alice's Adventures in Wonderland poster is created using the entire text of the book. 

The wild dreaminess of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland is realized here with an illustration created using the original words of Carroll’s spectacular tale. 

Our Alice in Wonderland art print uses Lewis Carroll’s beloved words to form an illustration that spans the magical gap between reality and imagination.  

In this work of art, Alice plummets down the rabbit hole while bizarre and arresting patterns begin to amalgamate and blend on the walls. But even a deep sense of vertigo does not prevent Alice from gazing at her surroundings in a mixture of shock, excitement, and alarm as she plunges towards an unforgettable adventure.  The fast-paced strangeness of these adventures is captured adroitly in this art print through this exciting leading moment – when Alice is tumbling on her way to Wonderland. 

Alice in Wonderland is a 19th century story which today has not lost any of its fantastical impact. The excitement for the unknown and the craving for the curious and out-of-the-ordinary is given life in this unforgettable design. 


Material - Satin Paper

36" W X 24" H

Material Name: Paint

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