A Christmas Carol, Typography Art Print


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This A Christmas Carol poster is created using the entire text of the book. 

Using Dickens’ charming and stirring words, this art print portrays in a heart-warming way the redemption of the once cantankerous and surly Mr. Scrooge. His experience with the Ghosts has reinvented him into a new man and he embraces the child within as he carries the ecstatic Tiny Tim through a romp in the snow. In this art piece, Tiny Tim, attired in Mr. Scrooge’s oversized top hat, points symbolically ahead, indicating the bright and happy future that now awaits both of them.

A Christmas Carol is a story that has been beloved by generations, and remains as an icon of one of the most famous Christmas tales of all time. Through this illustration, the Christmas spirit of Dickens’ novel is brilliantly captured and presented in a cheerful and endearing manner. 

Material - Satin Paper

24" W X 20" H

Material Name: Paint

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