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This handcrafted Verte 34 Ounce Decanter incorporates the exclusive and patented “two lip system,” a non-dripping mechanism consisting of a hand-blown glass container made by a family of third generation glass artisans and an easy-to-fit pourer that allows the drips to return to the bottle. No more drips or messy spills.

The angle of the mouth and the shape of the bottle have been carefully designed to optimize the oxygenation of wines, allowing the wine to breathe, release its flavors, and come to life. 

The decanter fits perfectly into the fridge door and is suitable for all types of drinks, including water, wine, juice, and milk. All parts are detachable for easy cleaning and are dishwasher safe. 

Made in Spain with materials chosen with an attention to recycling. 

An elegant object for the table and a perfect gift. 

4.7" L X 4.7" W X 12" H

Material: Hand-blown glass, hand-finished to perfection.

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