Mexchic Nazcalines Wool Fringe Blanket


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As featured in domino’s Holiday 2013 issue, the Mexchic Nazcalines Wool Fringe Blanket is handmade in Malinalco, Mexico. Cozy up on a cold night with this 100% wool piece.

Our virgin wool blankets are made in the beautiful mountainous, pine tree-filled region of Central Mexico using the highest quality softest wool.

The designs are beautiful, modern and subtle. All styles are made with natural undyed, untreated wool, in soft shades of creams and grey. Any slight imperfections you might come across in the blankets are due to the delicate hand-processing of the wool. The sheep are herded in the open mountain ranges, in the traditional manner, with shepherd dogs and walk long distances every day. The wool from these sheep is then sold to the 'taller' or studio which weaves the blankets.

These blankets are used in Mexico traditionally as a 'sarape' or shawl in the colder mountainous regions and is also a traditional garment also used by 'vaqueros' or cowboys to shied them from the cold when riding at night.

40" L X 82" W

Material: Wool

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