Marfa Wool Blanket


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These luxuriously soft, warm and lightweight 100% virgin wool Top Drawer Blankets are stunning in quality and chic in style. The textile is loomed in Central Mexico using the highest quality of the softest wool. Local sheep herders sell their wool to the artisans and the wool is then hand cleaned and processed. After each blanket is loomed, they are handcut and hand-twisted at the ends. They are made with un-dyed, untreated natural virgin wool, which comes in a myriad of soft hues including cream, grey and light taupe.  

Any slight imperfections you may come across are a result of the hand-processed wool.

Material- 100 % Virgin Mexican Wool

Size- 40 x 82 inches

Length: 80"

Width: 40"

Color: Grey and cream

Material: Loomed Virgin Wool

Style of Design: Traditional