Acapulco Lounge Camel Chair


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At Domino, we love pieces that combine furniture and art. We think the distinction between whether a piece should be functional or artistic is more blurred then most and that's why we adore the Acapulco Lounge Chair. The woven bands and sturdy steel frame make for the perfect relaxation chair and the line and contours created by the 
design strike a beautiful balance between the industrial and the space age--referencing the bold imposition of suspension bridges and the sleek, but inviting curves of of the space shuttle.

The Acapulco Lounge Chair is made by the most talented Mexican craftsmen. Sink back into this chair and discover comfort you didn't know could be molded with such care and style. Minimalism has never been so serene. 

Height: 37.4"

Width: 31.1"

Weight: 19.2lb

Style of Design: Traditional