Light Flower Basket Side Chair


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As cheerful as a field of wildflowers, the Light Flower Basket Chair is a bouquet rendered on a maple frame with a woven rush seat. Hand-painted by our artisans with goldenrod and blushing peony checks, faux marble in a spray of foliage greens, and a patch of tulips blooming along the seat. Accented with handmade and decorated majolica knobs, a handcrafted and hand-painted relief floral tile, and gold-dust banding, this chair blossoms well in a patch of two or four to brighten a sunlit breakfast nook.

Maple frame chair, woven rush seat, handmade and decorated majolica knobs and relief floral tile, faux marble, artists' colors, gold dust banding and hard lacquer finish. Pieces will vary due to the handmade nature of each product.     

17.5" W X 16.5" D X 40" H

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