Gold Chevron Table Top Decal Round


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Luvloo Table Top Decals bring a pop of color to any table top.Luvloo Decals go on easy, easily wipe away spills and stay on until you are ready for a new design.
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Luvloo Decals


Each order is custom created by the Luvloo™ design studio. The decals are comprised of commercial grade materials in the United States.

Special instructions

Simply peel away the backing and stick to your desired table top. Adhere to a clean, dry surface, free of peeling paint.
Wipe away spills with a damp cloth.

Trim decal to desired size and allow for a 1/4" of table border showing to allow the decal to adhere and prevent peeling.

42" L X 42" W X 42" D X 42" H

Shape: Square

Material Name: Vinyl

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