Limelight Cake Plate

Kosta Boda

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Imagine your desert table as a stage, sparking with crystal and glowing with pools of light focused and refracted by these graceful cake plates. The intricate engraved patterns reflect and scatter the light and add sparkle to your parties and dinners. Limelight takes its name from the theatrical lighting of yesteryear, only now the light itself is the star of the show. Applause! And what a unique collectible - tomorrows heirloom. Designed by Goran Warff

12.5" W X 3.125" H

Weight: 6.7399998

Content: Glass

major style (on a minor budget)

Together, with little money and a lot of vision, Jennifer Vaughn and Derrick Miller load their tiny New York apartment with new-wave traditionalist glamour.

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