Women’s Leather House Shoes

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Hand-cut, vegetable-tanned leather house shoes with wool felt insole and natural leather outsole. Handmade in the U.S. Available in three sizes, within the range of women’s sizes 6-9. Also comes in Black and as a Men's House Shoe. These sturdy leather house shoes have a deeply storied history. New York maker Andrew McAteer created the design based on a pattern he found in a Civil War-era magazine. To help in the war effort, women were encouraged to sew slippers like these from leftover materials and send them to be distributed to wounded soldiers. Inspired by this tradition, McAteer used scrap leather from his workshop to form the natural leather outsole of the slippers. Similar to shoes made during the late 1800s, these house shoes have no designated right or left. The slippers will stretch to create an individual fit. They need to be worn several times to allow the shoes to form to your feet and the leather to become supple and comfortable. This footwear is intended as house shoes, therefore walking on pavement should be avoided to prolong the life of the slipper.

Although the fit may feel awkward at first, rest assured, after a few wears, the leather will form nicely to your foot and be comfortable within a few wears. If the slippers become scuffed or worn on the sides, switch feet to maintain even wear. 

If desired, care for the leather by conditioning periodically with saddle oil or leather wax, such as Beeswax Leather Conditioner.

Material: Leather

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